Santurce History: Then and Now

Historic Maps of Santurce

This map from 1911 by U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey shows Old San Juan at the left and Santurce at the right - not many reference points other then the square building which used to be the Department of Health at Stop 19 across from Ruben's Café and Calle Dos Hermanos/Plaza del Mercado area.

There is an excellent map from 1918 that shows Santurce in three sections:

1918 Map Section 1:
Condado, Miramar, El Gandul, Tras Talleras - from Condado Lagoon to Calle Condado (Parada 18)

1918 Map Section 2:
Condado to Parque Borinquen, San Juan Moderno, Hipódromo Racetrack and Paradas 18 - 24.

1918 Map Section 3:
Calle San Jorge (on map as Calle de Iglesia) to Sagrado Corazon, Monte Flores and Martin Peña Canal

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Historic Postcards of Santurce

One of the best ways to appreciate the history of Santurce is by comparing vintage postcards to current photos.
In the future, we will add dates of the old postcards and full descriptions plus better 'today' comparisons:

Parada 12:


Parada 15:


Parada 18:


Parada 20:


Parada 22:


Parada 23:


Parada 24:


Parada 25:


Parada 26:


Parada 28:


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