Symphony Hall at the Fine Arts Center - Parada 22

Calendar of Events & Tickets

The following links will help you plan events purchase tickets prior to your visit to Puerto Rico.
Please check service fees, location of the venue in relation to your hotel and if you can pick up tickets at the event.

Traditionally, many events are not promoted until a week or two before performance, so check with your hotel for current schedule.

Conservatory of Music - Events Calendar - Parada 15

ArteSanturce - Events Calendar - Parada 15 through Parada 28

Ticket Center of Puerto Rico - Fine Arts Center, Theaters and Coliseum

Ticket Pop of Puerto Rico - Fine Arts Center, Theaters and Coliseum

Centro de Bellas Artes - Fine Arts Center & Symphony Hall - Parada 22

Orquestra Sinfonica de Puerto Rico - Fine Arts Center - Parada 22

Caribbean Cinemas - Fine Arts Miramar - Parada 12, Metro Theater - Parada 18 and Fine Arts Popular Center -  Parada 28

Also check our local theater magazine ESCENA BORICUA which has a good calendar of events each month (Spanish only)

Teatro Coribantes - Very active local theater at Parada 28 near the Hato Rey business district.

Puerto Rico Institute of Culture - Events posted for the current month throughout the island (Spanish only)

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