Santurce es Ley Mural Festival

IMG_2069There was a time not too long ago, when a misguided mayor of San Juan would have artists arrested for painting great works of art on abandoned buildings - while turning a blind eye to drug dealing and urban blight throughout the Santurce Arts District.

As a response to the public outrage over the arrests - a special law was passed that allows artists to paint in Santurce without fear of intimidation or arrest.

Santurce is Law celebrates this law by turning the Tras Talleras neighborhood into an open-air art gallery featuring great aritsts from Puerto Rico and around the world!

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IMG_2050Directions from Stop 18: Go down Ave Ponce de Leon past the METRO Cinema and continue past MARSHALLS until you see the empty lot with the MeatBall Company food truck.

The next street is Calle Ernesto Cerra - but continue one more block to just plain Calle Cerra. (if you go past the Conservatory of Music or Miramar Paza - you've gone too far).

Note: If coming from Tren Urbano or Santurce - you can take the M3 bus and get off at the stop AFTER MARSHALLS.  If coming from Old San Juan or Miramar by  bus - get off at the stop after Miramar Plaza and the Conservatory of Music.

On this block of Calle Cerra you'll find the water tank and a few murals - but continue across Fernandez Juncos - after this, you'll see art on all three streets - Calle Cerra, Calle Ernesto Cerra and Calle Elisa Cerra.  Make sure to continue all the way to Calle Las Palmas for murals near the Petrus Gallery.

Make sure to park the car and walk - its the only way to really enjoy the collection.

Also explore some of the great new restaurants that have opened along Calle Cerra as this neighborhood becomes the new hip place to hang out now that Calle Loiza is over-gentrifying. And no trip to Tras Talleras neighborhood is complete without a visit to the Esquina Watusi bar at the corner of Calle Ernesto Cerra and Calle Elisa Cerra.

Santurce es Ley - 2016

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Santurce es Ley - 2014

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