Parada 26 - Tren Urbano - Sagrado Corazon

Tren Urbano - Sagrado Corazon Station

The Tren Urbano is San Juan's mass transit system that starts and ends in the middle of a very undeveloped area at the edge of Santurce.  This was actually done by design - thinking that if the train was established, development would follow.  Unfortunately, the economic boom ended before  the master plan was realized.

However, the train serves the nearby Sacred Heart University with its large campus and historic buildings from 1906 which are listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.

The San Juan YMCA is on the 'highway side' of the station and there is an interesting collection of restaurants and stores on the Ponce de Leon side which leads to 'Barrio Obrero' which has a large Dominican community that moves to the latin beats of bachata and merange music along Ave. Borinquen.

This area is slated for lots of future development and the train is a great way to get to the Coliseum, University of Puerto Rico or Downtown Rio Piedras with its pedestrian shopping street, Art Deco architecture  and very large Plaza del Mercado.  The train also goes to the Medical Center and Sports Complex in the suburb of Bayamon.

There is a very good document in Spanish with many photos from a 2006 study for the proposed historic zone in Sagrado Corazon and Monteflores atón.pdf

The historic district is finally receiving formal designation on Sunday September 15, 2013 - we'll update information as it is available.

This is a great 5 photo panorama taken from the area of the Tren Urbano Station. To the left is Ponce de Leon going toward Parada 18. Straight ahead are the two towers of Plaza Imaculada.  To the right is tthe Monteflores neighborhood above Sagrado Corazon University and Bario Obrero at the front right..
photo by ep_jhu on Flikr (click on photo and then select 'huge')

How to get to Stop 26:  

  • Condado – Get to stop 22 and change to the M3 Metrobus. Take the bus all the way to the last stop at Tren Urbano.
  • Isla Verde – Get to stop 22 and change to the M3 Metrobus. Take the bus all the way to the last stop at Tren Urbano.
  • Old San Juan – Take the M3 Metrobus all the way to the last stop at Tren Urbano 20 minutes.

Arts & Culture near Parada 26 - Tren Urbano - Sagrado Corazon:

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