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Parada 24 – Calle Bolivar & Calle Del Parque

This area used to be one of the largest concentrations of movie theaters, shopping and nightlife, since the trolley made a turn toward Condado and Ocean Park along Calle del Parque.

It seems strange that there is no park near Calle del Parque, but it is the old trolley route used to go to Parque Borinquen – a huge beach, park and recreational facility which was eventually developed as the Ocean Park neighborhood. The trolley was doing good business during the week, but loosing money on weekends – so the trolley company built the park and created demand for their transportation on weekends – making the turn from Ponce de Leon Avenue toward the ocean on ‘Calle del Parque’.

Today, the neighborhood is still a little rough around the edges since much of the planned redevelopment was stalled with the economic downturn… but this has left lots of opportunity for new businesses to move in and mix arts with business.

Tourists always compare this area with Williamsburg, Brooklyn – but we like to think we’re uniquely SANTURCE!

If you’re looking for ’emerging art scene’ – this is the place for you!