Schedule of Events

Calendar of Events


Santurceando Events Calendar
– Started by local musicians from ‘Fantasmes’ who were frustrated with the lack of info – this is a great place to find out what’s going on – especially at clubs and smaller venues. 


You can also check the website of more established venues for upcoming events and tickets!

Conservatory of Music – Events Calendar – Parada 15

ArteSanturce – Events Calendar – Parada 15 through Parada 28

Ticket Center of Puerto Rico – Fine Arts Center, Theaters and Coliseum

Ticket Pop of Puerto Rico – Fine Arts Center, Theaters and Coliseum 

Centro de Bellas Artes – Fine Arts Center & Symphony Hall – Parada 22

Caribbean Cinemas – Fine Arts Miramar – Parada 12, Metro Theater – Parada 18 and Fine Arts Popular Center –  Parada 28

Also check our local theater magazine ESCENA BORICUA which has a good calendar of events each month (Spanish only)