Café Sidibou


Ponce de Leon @ Parada 24

Newest addition to the international food scene is Café Sidibou – just across the street from Cobian’s Plaza. Painted in the traditional blue of the ancient city of Sidi Bou Said – just north of Tunis, Tunisia in the area of ancient Carthage.  Famous for its tradition of eleborate blue doors and buildings painted with flowering vines – Sidi Bou Said has always been a major artist colony and  inspiration for artists such as Paul Klee and Andre Gide.

So if you can’t travel to the Mediterranean – just head over to stop 24 and enjoy a menu that changes every day with Arab specials such as Falafel, Shawarma (chicken or beef), or eggplant plus Puerto Rican and Dominican Criollo specials.  

Café Sidibou – Open from 6am – 6pm. 939-219-4181