El Departamento De La Comida

IMG_1385Calle Las Palmas @ Parada 17 (walk 10 min)

This is a little out of the way, between Petrus Gallery and RH Todd (Walgreens/Walmart) in one of the most exciting emerging art areas. Remember ‘Alphabet City’ in NYC and its underground art scene? You’ll feel the same vibe here with lots of storefront galleries, art installations and graffiti!

Look for the warehouse at 1063 Calle Las Palmas across from the high-rise condos with the cool gate graphics and El Alma-cén on the wall.  

Organic market has new produce Tuesdays and Fridays. Organic lunch menu changes every day. Brunch on Saturdays! Herbal teas, organic products, educational programs – if you’re into ORGANIC, its worth the trek!  And make sure to check the cool art on Calle Cerra on your way!

Check their website for full details:  eldepartamentodelacomida.com