Map of Ponce de Leon Avenue

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The arts district starts at ‘Stop 12’ in Miramar and continues for approximately 4 miles with the largest concentration of arts, culture, nightlife and entertainment in the Caribbean!

Starting near the Puerto Rico Convention Center and Condado Lagoon, the route is easy to explore with the M3 Metrobus that runs all the way to the Tren Urbano for just 50 cents each ride (exact change required).  To continue to the Trocadero/Coliseum you can change to the Tren Urbano’s Sagrado Corazon Station for one stop to the Hato Rey Station for an additional 75 cents each way (purchase a fare card at the vending machine).

In the future, it would be nice if the AMA (Bus Authority) continued the M3 to Hato Rey and then swung back to Sagrado Corazon so that people didn’t have to wait, change and pay twice to reach these very important venues in Hato Rey.

For a diagram of the paradas, click on the image: