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Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado | Avenida de las Artes

Parada 20 – Plaza del Mercado

Party Night at Plaza del Mercado – Santurce

This is the heart and soul of Santurce!

Also known as ‘La Placita’ or the little plaza, this is the last of the traditional markets which used to be in every neighborhood before large supermarkets arrived in the 1970s.

While you can still visit the market during the day for local fruits, vegetables, flowers plus street food and fruit shakes – the placita is now better known for the dozens of restaurants, cafés and nightclubs that surround the classic building and extend for a few blocks on either side.

There are some clubs open each night, the famous ‘Street Party’ takes place on Thursday and Friday nights when the police close off the street and thousands of locals mix with tourists for one of the best parties in the Caribbean.  The party starts with the young executive crowd after work and hits its peak between 9pm and midnight.

To reach the fun, look for the large blue Sagrado Corazon Church on Ave Ponce de Leon. Across the street, you’ll see Calle Dos Hermanos. Follow the street for one long block to reach the market.   If walking from Condado, take Calle Canals under the highway and up the hill to Calle Roberts where you’ll see the market to your right.

Outside of the marketplace, check out the galleries along Fernandez Juncos Avenue in the Hipodromo neighborhood – built on the site of San Juan’s first horse racing track (note the horseshoe medallion on some of the original buildings).  Still emerging, the area is a little rough around the edges pending the arrival of the light rail system – but you’ll find some great graffiti, interesting local restaurants and a good hostel for the budget-minded traveler.

How to get to Stop 20:  

  • Condado – Walk on Ashford Avenue to Calle Cervantes (near Canario Inn and Dr. Ashford House). Walk away from the beach and past the small park to Calle Wilson.  Turn left and then right on Calle Primavera which goes under the highway before changing to Calle Canals. Go up the hill past a few restaurants and look for Calle Robert on the right which leads directly to the marketplace and street party. 10-15 minute walk.
    You can also take the M21 Bus in the direction to Tren Urbano and get off after the Big Blue Church on Ponce de León – but service is very infrequent, especially at night.  
  • Isla Verde – Take the T5 bus in the direction of Old San Juan. When you see the big blue church, pull the cord and get off in front of Café Ruben.  Walk one long block on Calle Dos Hermanos (opposite the church). 15-20 minutes.
  • Old San Juan – Take the M3 Metrobus or the T5 and get off in front of the Big Blue Church. Walk one long block on Calle Dos Hermanos (opposite the church). 10-12 minutes.

Arts & Culture near Parada 20 – Plaza del Mercado:

Vintage Postcard


Parada 20 - Ponce de Leon at Calle Hipodromo

Café Ruben

Parada 20 - Ponce de León
24 Hour Seafood Specialties 

Sacred Heart Church

Parada 20 - Ponce de Leon y Calle Dos Hermanos
Look for the street opposite this church and walk one long block to Plaza del Mercado! 

Farmacia Olympo

Parada 20 - Ponce de León
Neighborhood Pharmacy  

Self Realization Center

Parada 20 - Calle dos Hermanos
Yoga & Meditation Center 

Food Shack

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Puerto Rican Street Food 

Taberna los Vazquez

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Live Salsa on Party Nights! 

José Enrique

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Top rated celebrity-chef! 

El Jibarito Bar

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Music, Rum, Fun! 

Club Vibra

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Thursday is Salsa Night! 

Tasca del Pescador

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Seafood at its best! 

El Coco de Luis

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Famous for seafood salad, daily menu & the best piña coladas! 

Vittorino Trattoria

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
 italian Trattoria with a tropical twist!


Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Café and restaurant

El Popular

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
One of San Juan's best! 


Parada 20 - 202 Calle Canals
Bar & Restaurant 


Parada 20 - 219 Calle Canals
Innovative Cuisine from Chef José Santaella

El Rubí

Parada 20 - 213 Calle Canals
Local Bar open on Weekends 

Mi Casita Tienda

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Provisions & liquor for restaurants 

Ferreteria Plaza 19

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Vintage hardware store 

Nano Sports Bar

Parada 20 - 1357 Calle Robert
Live music on party nights! 

El Sabroso

Parada 20 - 1357 Calle Roberts
Local cafeteria near Plaza del Mercado 


Parada 20 - 317 Calle Canals
Lounge & Restaurant near 'La Placita'

Alto Cabro

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
Local Bar 

de allá pa"k"

Parada 20 - Plaza del Mercado
La Placita's Irish Pub 

La Bachata

Parada 20 - Calle Canals y Robert
Bar, Pool, Music, FUN! 


Parada 20 - 211 Calle Canals
Fun bar near Plaza del Mercado 

Galeria Ruben Rios

Parada 20 - 254 Calle Canals
Art Gallery near Plaza del Mercado 

Kamar Dance Studio

Parada 20 - Calle Canals
Salsa, Tango, Belly dancing lessons & accessories 

Art Things

Parada 20 - Calle Canals
Art supplies 

La Hoja eco-bar

Parada 20 - Ponce de León
New wave eco bar near Fine Arts Center.

3X MaN

Parada 20 - 1416 Ponce de León
Funky Designer Fashion & Salon 

Bangkok & Bombay

Parada 20 - Calle Hipodromo y Ave. Fernandez Juncos
Pan-Asian cuisine in their new Santurce location.