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Parada 18-RH Todd Ave | Avenida de las Artes

Parada 18 – RH Todd Avenue

The original ‘Parada 18’ at Fernandez Juncos and RH Todd.

Stop 18 has always been the major hub connecting Santurce to the Condado tourist area as well as a center for the most popular movie theaters.

This is where busses and car services from outside of San Juan connected with local busses and trolleys, so it became the most famous intersection in San Juan.  You’ll here locals refer to Stop 18 or simply ‘Diez y Ocho’ when giving directions almost every day.

The area around Fernandez Juncos is being developed with large stores like Walmart and Walgreens, but you can still find lots of local shops and interesting restaurants as well.

Ponce de Leon and Calle Condado is the center of gay nightlife in San Juan (as well as several venues at parada 22).

From the Museum of Contemporary Art, you can follow RH Todd past the fast food outlets and under the highway to reach the Condado tourist area near the Quality Inn El Portal Hotel in about 5 minutes.  Another 5 minute walk will bring you to Condado beach and the Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino.

How to get to Stop 18:  

  • Condado – Walk on Condado Avenue (Starts near Walgreens/USB Bank/Marriott) away from the beach. Go under the highway and past the fast food restaurants to Ponce de León Avenue. 10-15 minute walk (no direct bus service).
  • Isla Verde – Take the T5 bus in the direction of Old San Juan. When you see the big blue church, pull the cord and get off in front of the Metro Theater. 15-20 minutes.
  • Old San Juan – Take the M3 Metrobus or the T5 and get off in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art. 10 minutes.

Arts & Culture near Parada 18 – Gateway to Condado:


Guide to gay bars and clubs at Paradas 18, 22 and 24 with directions from major hotels.

Babylon Gay Guide to Santurce

Joe & Vic Restaurant Supply

Parada 18 - 1106 Fernandez Juncos
Wholesale Restaurant and Hotel Supplies 

Cafe 18

Parada 18 - Calle Condado y Ponce de León
Puerto Rican & Dominican Cuisine 


Parada 18 - Ponce de León
Fashion at great prices! 

Martin's BBQ

Parada 18 - RH Todd y Ponce de León
Rotisserie chicken, roast pork & Puerto Rican favorites! 

China Sun

Parada 18 - RH Todd y Ponce de León
Oriental Fast Food 

El Vagon

Parada 18 - Calle Labra
Mexican food truck near Ponce de Leon 

Bodegas de Compostela

Parada 22 - RH Todd Avenue
Fine Spanish dining and wine bar 


Parada 18 - Fernandez Juncos
Italian Trattoria with brick oven pizza. 


Parada 18 - Fernandez Juncos y RH Todd Aves
Large pharmacy with parking available. 


Parada 18 - RH Todd Ave.
Still under construction, the first mega-store in Santurce. 

Asia Market

Parada 18 - Ave. Fernandez Juncos
Pan-Asian Supermarket with fresh asian vegetables. 



Paradas 12 18 22 24 26
 A favorite all over Santurce!