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Ponce de Leon Ave @ Pda 24 y Cobian’s Plaza 

If you haven’t stopped by Café Comunión Coffee Shop across the street from Cobian’s Plaza, its about time you visited Santurce’s new celebrity barista Abner Roldán – featured on the cover of the April/May issue of Barista Magazine

Easy to find, just in between Lote 23 and Abracadabra – next to Sidibou Restaurant on one side and a planned micro-brewery in the location of the old Godfather restaurant.

Stop by from Monday – Saturday for the hottest hangout in Santurce and check their Instagram and Faceboook pages for special events like their recent ‘pop-up’ breakfast with Chef Wilson Davalos of CLMDO restaurant in Isabela, PR.

Ponce de Leon Ave @ Pda 23 y Cobian’s Plaza

Update: Although its hard to believe from the photo after Maria – Café Sidibou is about to reopen bigger and better than ever!  Watch for the fantastic new murals and twice as much seating as Santurce welcomes a little bit of Tunisia across from Cobian’s Plaza!

One of our favorite neighborhood restaurants Café Sidibou after hurricane Maria blasted through our Santurce neighborhood of San Juan. Neighbors pitched in and helped Ahmed and his family remove debris, clean up and organize so he could re-open as a ‘hurricane café’ with no power, no water, but lots of community spirit. The menu is limited, but the food is even better than ever and the impromptu sign says it all… ‘We Are Stronger than MARIA – keep going PR!”

Calle San Jorge @ Parada 25

La Casona Restaurant has been converted to The Gold Coast as the setting for the new John Travolta and Mira Sorvino film ‘Speed Kills’.  You’ll see the crew trailers at the corner of Ponce de Leon and Calle Mayol, but filming is taking place at the classic restaurant on Calle San Jorge.

Mexican & International Cuisine @ Parada 25

Its on a rather deserted stretch of Fernandez Juncos – but its just after the Coro de Niños and La Casona just past the gas station and sign shop.

We haven’t been yet, but the menu looks great, prices reasonable and decor is bright and inviting.

Looks like the menu specials change daily – I’ll post an update after visiting!

1760 Ave Fernandez Juncos

Mon &  Tues: 10am – 7pm
Wed – Sat: 10am – 10pm


Santurce Urban Traditions @ Parada 25

Artist Sarah Urbain with her new mural project at Hotel San Jorge – featuring traditional street scenes from the Santurce neighborhood.

Its still in process from the hotel entrance at 605 Calle San Jorge around the corner to Ponce de Leon Avenue and Zal Si Puedes bar…

If you’re down the street at Lots 23 Food Trucks, stop by and check out the progress!


454 Calle Saldaña @ Parada 24

Just around the corner from Abracadabra – Casa Fantasmes and Hidrante 454 Gallery are becoming another great arts venue with the performance of  “Meme de Guerra” on Thursday Dec 23rd.  

This is in addition to their ongoing exhibition of Brandon E Cannon’s ‘Unceremonious System’ upstairs in the main gallery space.  

Make sure to check Hidrante 454’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hidrante454/  for upcoming events!

Ponce de Leon Ave @ Parada 23

Just across the street from Ciudadela – make sure to stop by and check it out!  

Described as a ‘Hipster Plaza del Mercado’ by more than one visitor – its actually a much different concept – and a really great complement to its more established neighbor down the street at Parada 19.

Lots of food trucks featuring Pork, Burgers, Korean BBQ, Gourmet Pops, French Fries, Wok, Donuts, Drinks, Pinchos and more.  They had live music on Saturday night with traditional Bomba.

They have a website at http://lote23.com – but there isn’t any info on opening times…. I think its open 11am-10pm except Monday – but not sure if that is all the trucks or just the ‘Lote’ – hopefully they’ll update the site soon with times and upcoming performers!  

Lots of parking – outdoor lot access on Calle del Parque or use the Ciudadela parking garage.


Ave De Diego @ Parada 22

Work is underway to convert the former Mumbai Restaurant location into Puerto Rican Chef José Mendín’s new restaurant on Ave. De Diego near the PR Museum of Art and Fine Arts Center.   Not much information yet – but you can get an idea of what’s coming from their existing PUB BELLY BOYS restaurants in Miami.

With PB YSLA and the new Lote 23 Food Trucks – the area around Ciudadela is the place to be!

img_2401Calle Mayol @ Parada 25

The community around Plaza Inmaculada and Inmaculada Elderly are thrilled that the abandoned National Paper building has finally been demolished after being featured on the front page of La Primera Hora earlier this year.

Rumors in the neighborhood say that the empty lot will be one of the public-private initiatives for new apartments, the corner building on Ponce de Leon is being readied for sale or rent and the rest of the block has plans for renovation!

Hopefully by the end of this year we’ll see big changes at Parada 25!



Ponce de Leon @ Parada 24

Newest addition to the international food scene is Café Sidibou – just across the street from Cobian’s Plaza. Painted in the traditional blue of the ancient city of Sidi Bou Said – just north of Tunis, Tunisia in the area of ancient Carthage.  Famous for its tradition of eleborate blue doors and buildings painted with flowering vines – Sidi Bou Said has always been a major artist colony and  inspiration for artists such as Paul Klee and Andre Gide.

So if you can’t travel to the Mediterranean – just head over to stop 24 and enjoy a menu that changes every day with Arab specials such as Falafel, Shawarma (chicken or beef), or eggplant plus Puerto Rican and Dominican Criollo specials.  

Café Sidibou – Open from 6am – 6pm. 939-219-4181


Calle San Jorge @ Parada 24

All of San Juan came out to cheer for the Puerto Rico Olympic team as they crossed through the Arts District on their way to a HUGE celebration at the Coliseum at Parada 28. While the crowd went wild for the entire team and their success in Rio, the loudest cheers went to Monica Puig for her historic gold medal win in women’s tennis!


Calle Cerra @ Parada 15


Join the party the weekend of March 11 – 13, 2016 for the sixth celebration of Santurce es Ley mural festival in the Tras Talleras neighborhood.  Easy to find – just start at Ponce de Leon Ave near the Conservatory of Music. The water tank mural is on the first block of Calle Cerra (don’t confuse with Calle Ernesto Cerra) and the party will start when you cross Fernandez Juncos.


March 9th – 10am – MAC @ Parada 18

Public hearings were held on Wednesday March 9, 2016 for the proposed Senate Project 1556.

While they were well-intentioned – citing problems such as lack of parking, abandoned buildings, public transportation, lack of economic/creative development of many communities of Santurce and potential unintended consequences of specific changes to zoning/laws….  hopefully it will focus attention to Santurce and the proposed theatrical/arts district in addition to Santurce as a larger community.

José Enrique - San Juan

Plaza del Mercado @ Parada 20

After their recent adventure with the tax department, José Enrique is finally open again just one short block from Plaza del Mercado!


Ponce de Leon Ave @ Parada 24

Next time you’re at Abracadabra, stop by and say hello to their new neighbor!

Mauro Dance School has been in Santurce for many years – moving from one space to another, so its nice to see them in the site of the former Gosen Supermarket.  

With studios looking out to the avenue, it will be a great addition to the artsy vibe at stop 24!


Calle Dos Hermanos @ Parada 20

Nov 20 – 23, 2014

Join the celebration as Santurce celebrates 100 years of ‘La Placita’ with a weekend filled with music, food and dancing in the streets.

The traditional market is easy to find – just go to Ponce de Leon Avenue and find the Big Blue Church (Iglesia Sagrado Corazon) that is half way between the Metro Theater and Centro de Bellas.  Take the street directly across from the church where Ruben’s Cafe is located and walk one long block to the market square.  

Events start about 7pm on Thurs – Saturday and noon on Sunday.

This photo looks like its from the 1960’s – anyone have a better guess?


Ponce de Leon @ Parada 25

Attention Urban Artists!

Caribbean Consulting and Avenidadelasartes.com are helping to reposition Hotel San Jorge & The Hostel @ San Jorge as an Urban Art/Design Hotel with budget accommodations for travelers who want accommodations in Santurce.

With its location at Parada 25 and easy access to Abracadabra, La Respuesta, El Local, Loiza Street and other emerging arts venues – we would like to make Hotel San Jorge a major part of the arts scene in Santurce.

Our vision is to use the hotel as a host hotel for visiting artists, performers, directors, writers, musicians, etc. by creating an ‘Artist in Residence’ program and supporting project like Los Muros Hablan, Santurce es Ley and other arts projects/events.

Click here for more information…

P1010845Hotel San Jorge @ Parada 25

Matthew Reid is the first artist in Hotel San Jorge’s summer ‘Artist in Residence’ program.

Based in NYC – Matthew worked on the Hostel section of the hotel, the empty lot next to Santurce Discount and will continue on Fernandez Juncos.  Any interested artists should contact rholm@caribbeanconsulting.com with proposal and dates (April – October).



IMG_0010_2Zal Si Puedes @  Parada 25

The fun continues at Santurce’s most intimate club with ‘La Lupe’.

Join the fun – Friday and Saturday nights around midnight.



Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 4.17.21 PM


Santurceando Event Guide @ All Paradas

Finally we have a comprehensive guide to what’s going on in Santurce.

This is an interactive guide where you can add you own events, so lets make sure that Santurceando gets as much support as possible!

Check it out and EXPLORE Santurce – santurceando.com

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.47.26 PM

Hotel San Jorge @ Parada 25

Wed – Sunday 10pm until???

Our new favorite gay/straight-friendly bar is so small you’ll be friends with everyone by the end of your first drink!

Zal Si Puedes is local slang for “Escape if you Can…” and chances are you won’t be in a hurry to leave.

Friday nights you’ll always find the fabulous Rudi Martinez performing classic divas from Paloma San Basilio (Spain’s biggest Broadway star) to Donna Summers.  Other nights if you’re lucky, you’ll find Latina Divas from the 60’s like La Lupe making surprise transvestite appearances.

Drinks are reasonable and strong – so plan to have a great night out!



Metro Theater @ Parada 18

November 14 – 20, 2013

There isn’t much information online yet – but we wanted to give you a ‘heads up’ about this year’s gay film festival.

Check out their website and visit the festival on your way to Tia Maria, SX, VIP, Circo or Splash!

San Juan Queer Film Fest


“Bare Bones” – Fantasmes Live at Libros AC
from Libros AC on Vimeo.

Fantasmes Indie Rock Experience @ Parada 24

 Our favorite indie rock band is raising money to produce their new album. Check out their page at Indiegogo.com and throw a few bucks their way to keep indie rock alive in Santurce.  Not only can you help support a great local band, but you can get some great perks for contributing! 

Click here to contribute NOW!

IMG_1398Calle del Parque @ Parada 24

Stop by the new Mexican fast-food restaurant just a few steps from Ponce de Leon across from the Victoria Espinosa Theater.

Full selection of tacos, burritos and your Mexican favorites plus very good Pollo Asado!

Open from about 11am til about 7pm so great choice before or after the theatre!

Closed Saturday & Sunday.


IMG_1385Calle Las Palmas @ Parada 17 (walk 10 min)

This is a little out of the way, between Petrus Gallery and RH Todd (Walgreens/Walmart) in one of the most exciting emerging art areas. Remember ‘Alphabet City’ in NYC and its underground art scene? You’ll feel the same vibe here with lots of storefront galleries, art installations and graffiti!

Look for the warehouse at 1063 Calle Las Palmas across from the high-rise condos with the cool gate graphics and El Alma-cén on the wall.  

Organic market has new produce Tuesdays and Fridays. Organic lunch menu changes every day. Brunch on Saturdays! Herbal teas, organic products, educational programs – if you’re into ORGANIC, its worth the trek!  And make sure to check the cool art on Calle Cerra on your way!

Check their website for full details:  eldepartamentodelacomida.com


IMG_1330Ave De Diego & Ponce de Leon @ Parada 22

The new mural inspired by Julia de Burgos is featured in the lifestyle and travel section of The Dallas Morning News.

Located on Ave. De Diego – just next to the entrance to Heaven and Hell and across the street from Tia Maria, its the work of  the La Pandilla crew.

6/29/13 – Dallas Morning News: 
Vibrant murals line the streets of San Juan

Andromeda Ponce de Leon y Calle Bolivar @ Parada 24

Only open since April, this restaurant never really caught on and it looks like the building is now being converted to condos.

We still have Godfather II across the street – and it looks like very soon we’ll have a new affordable condo option!


IMG_1332Ponce de Leon y Calle Saldaña @ Parada 24

The ‘Santurce es Ley’ art festival added some interesting art to the former Gosen Supermarket next to Abracadabra Restaurant. Check it out while you’re waiting in line for weekend brunch and don’t miss the two cute coqui’s!


Ciudadela Plaza @ Parada 23

The crowds turned out on April 19th for the second Rock Under the Stars concert at Cuidadela.

This is supposed to be a monthly event, so check out dates when you’re shopping at Selectos or enjoying the coffee bar, sports bar, pizza oven, sushi bar, burrito bar, deli, burger bar, pasta bar or cafeteria with daily specials at The Treehouse at the back of the plaza.

Plaza del Mercado @ Parada 20

The news keeps getting better for the local culinary scene!

José Enrique has just been listed as one of the top 10 best new chefs in the United States by Food and Wine Magazine.

Check out the article and stop by the restaurant which is now open from 11am Tues – Fri. and from 6:30 on Saturday.

Look for the cute yellow art deco house one block from the main marketplace.



April 6, 2013 – 5pm

Abracadabra @ Parada 24

Stop by Abracadabra on Saturday April 6th at 5pm if you’re an artist or performer looking for work, or even better if you need to hire artists, performers and creative talent!  Even if it is not for a performance-oriented position – what could be better than adding a creative, imaginative, flexible, feedback-oriented person to your team!


MimoCentro de Bellas Artes @ Parada 22

Enjoy the 10th International Festival of Mime and Physical Theater with artists from Australia, Chile, France, Poland, USA and Puerto Rico at the Fine Arts Center from April 12-14, 2013.

Admission is only $20 and since language is no problem, its great for EVERYONE!

Check the Fine Arts Center website for info and tickets: http://www.cba.gobierno.pr

santurceesleyApril 4-7, 2013
All Santurce Festival – Paradas 12 -24

Celebrate the latest private initiative to promote the Santurce Arts District!

‘Santurce is Law’ is a grass-roots effort to promote micro-projects that might not normally get public attention.

If you want to see what’s happening on the ‘cutting edge’ of the Arts District – make sure to check out the site and explore some of the less  known artists, musicians and venues within the Arts district.

For a full schedule of events – check their website at http://santurceesley.com

IMG_1287Fine Arts Center @ Parada 22

 As an ex-New Yorker, I have to admit to being somewhat of a culture snob – and while I’ve always appreciated our Symphony Orchestra, I’ve usually seen room for improvement.  Well – no more!  With the closing concert of Verdi’s Requiem, I’m a convert!

Under the direction of Maximiano Valdés, the Orchestra, Chorus and Soloists showed a level of control, unity, compassion and inspiration that can match almost any internationally acclaimed orchestra – and exceed many!

If you didn’t attend this year’s festival, plan for next year when I’m sure they’ll be even better! BRAVO!


Fine Arts Center @Parada 22
 Calle del Parque @Parada 24

Cambalache – March 14-17 & 22-24, 2013
Teatro Victoria Espinosa- Calle del Parque

Oh Natura  – April 5-7 & 12-14, 2013
Teatro Victoria Espinosa- Calle del Parque

Sueño Eterno – April 19-28, 2013
Sala Experimental – Centro de Bellas Artes

Ballet de San Juan – May 10-12, 2013
Centro de Bellas Artes

There is no website listed
Call 787-724-0700 ext 1323

IMG_1281Plaza del Mercado @ Parada 22

I’m in Plaza del Mercado 3 or 4 times a week doing consumer research with tourists and never realized one of San Juan’s ‘hidden secret’ restaurants is open for lunch from Tuesday through Friday.  

If you were intimidated by the lines at night, stop by for lunch and see why José Enrique has been nominated for this year’s James Beard Awards.

There is no name on the building so look for the little yellow Art Deco house one block from the market.  

3-8-2013-Fantasmes_Dax_DiazIndie Rock @ Parada 24

As our local indie rock scene gears up for their treck to SXSW (South by Southwest)  – you don’t need to travel to Austin to join in the fun! You can get a preview as FANTASMES performs at La Respuesta March 8th at 9pm – $8.00 entrance. 

Just find the Arriví Theater on Ponce de Leon and go one block on Calle del Parque to the corner of Fernandez Juncos Avenue.


 Puppet Festival – March 6 – 24

World Puppetry Day takes place all over the world on March 21st. Celebrate throughout March with special events in Santurce!

Mar 6th – Parada 20 (1416 Ponce de Leon, across from Central High School)
Facebook: Titeretada 2013

Mar 15 & 16th – Parada 24 (Abcadabra – 1661 Ave Ponce de Leon)
Facebook: Banners & Cranks – Abcadabra

Mar 20-24th – Parada 20 (1416 Ponce de Leon, across from Central High School)
Facebook: Titeretada 2013

IMG_1264Big Changes @ Parada 23 – Ciudadela!

The lights went up at the entrance to Ciudadela and there is lots of new activity!
New owners have lowered prices and sold almost all available units at prices that haven’t been seen in Santurce luxury condos for years!
Great location, easy parking, 24 hour gym and supermarket are already in place.  Look for a new celebrity chef to open a tapas bar/restaurant in the next few months plus another new restaurant on Ponce de Leon. 


IMG_1261Abracadabra ‘local counter café’ @ Parada 24

The lines form outside of Abracadabra every Sunday morning for their famous brunch even before they were mentioned in this week’s Washington Post article ‘Puerto Rican Food Beyond Rice and Beans’

Besides Abracadabra, they mention José Enrique at Plaza del Mercado and the emerging foodie scene emerging along Calle Las Palmas in the ‘Tras Talleras/Miramar Sur’ neighborhood featuring El Departamento de la Comida

I’m surprised that they omitted SODA food studio in Miramar… but you can discover this on your own!

IMG_1259Designer Boutique @ Parada 22

Color blocking is in process at the new location of Luxes Lighting Boutique between Ciudadela and the PR Museum of Art.

This is across from the big empty lot where the ‘Altos de Cangrejos’ neighborhood used to be located before greed and the housing boom expropriated the entire community for luxury condos that never got built.

The old wooden house next door to this building was just demolished, so while we celebrate the ‘New Santurce’ let’s not forget the history and culture of our neighborhood that was lost in the process.


Parada 22 @ the corner of ugly and obscene!

It was bad enough when tourists looking for the Fine Arts Center could identify the area by the decrepit Art Deco building that was rotting away at the entrance to the Fine Arts Center.  But this is HORRIBLE!  Who had the bright idea to remove a perfectly good sculpture and replace it with this monstrosity? Is it possible that we now have the UGLIEST fine arts center in the hemisphere?


IMG_1226New Food Truck at Stop 23

Check our our new neighborhood food truck in the parking lot between Farmacia Luis and Ciudadela. Choice of sandwiches or burgers with some creative touches. All include sandwich, chips and soda.  Stop by and check it out!

IMG_1227New Restaurant & Bar at Stop 24

Signs just went up announcing the new Andromeda Bar & Restaurant on the corner of Ponce de Leon and Calle Bolivar. This area has lagged a bit, but now that Ciudadela is filling apartments, we’re happy to see development in the area around Cobian’s Plaza.

Parada 18 – Ponce de Leon y RH Todd

I’ve noticed the very unusual digital designs for a long time, but just passed by when the gate was open and discovered a new arts venue around the corner from the Museum of Contemporary Art. Check out their website at www.labartesbinarios.com for yet another private arts initiative in Santurce! Look just to the right of IMPEC design store (formerly a shoe store) with the plywood wall that looks like an old computer punch card design with lots of holes.

Parada 22 – De Diego Avenue

 Click on the image for this weekends presentations and films as Oliver Stone and Benicio del Toro raise funds for the Puerto Rico Museum of Art. For more information see the museum’s website at www.mapr.org .

Parada 25 – Fernandez Juncos at Calle Cataluña

Does anyone know what the new Tutti Italia sign promises across from the new home of Mauro Productions on Fernandez Juncos? We can’t decide if its a new Italian Restaurant with parking near Plaza Inmaculada or maybe Italian designer furniture? Any info would be appreciated, but we’ll keep checking to solve the mystery at stop 25.

Parada 22 – Fine Arts Center

We interview tourists every week and they all agree that this is a Public Eyesore at the entrance to Bellas Artes.  
What should be a shining example of Santurce’s ART DECO architecture is a blot on the entire ARTS DISTRICT.
Rumors abound as to why this building is allowed to remain in such a horrible condition – but PLEASE use whatever powers the government has to make it part of the Find Arts Center.  Perfect location for the BOX OFFICE! 

Parada 18 – Metro Theater

November 15 – 21, 2012

The fourth edition of San Juan’s International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Film Festival will feature films from Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Canada, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Isreal, Iran, Japan and Australia.

The schedule isn’t post yet, so check out their website at www.puertoricoqueerfilmfest.com for full details!

Parada 18 – Calle Condado

The annual Halloween parade has found a new home and was a night to remember!

The blocks between Ponce de Leon and Fernandez Juncos were full of friendly monsters and some truly frightening spectacles – especially after the crowd from the Lady GaGa concert arrived and partied all night long!

Parada 26 – YMCA near Tren Urbano Station

Its amazing how difficult it can be to find salsa classes in Puerto Rico!

Now, its easy with inexpensive classes every Tuesday and Saturday at the San Juan YMCA.

Just take the M3 bus to the final stop at Tren Urbano’s Sagarado Corazon Station. Go to the other end of the station (where the tracks end) and then take a left under the highway.  You’ll see the YMCA on the left.  If you’re driving – they  have plenty of free parking available at the Y or next door at Tren Urbano.

Parada 25 – Ave Fernandez Juncos & Calle Cataluña

This old wooden casita has long been a favorite of street artists, but is now demolished, fenced in and pending development.

We can expect to see more and more of this as developers anticipate the construction of the Tren Liviano which should connect Old San Juan and the Convention Center to the long neglected stretch of Ave. Fernandez Juncos often refered to as ‘Santurce Sur’ from Miramar to the Sagrado Corazon station of Tren Urbano.

Paradas 18 – 23 – Various Locations

International Festival of Urban Art: Oct 4-14, 2012

Join artists from around the world for two weekends of street art.

Artists from Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Mexico and Belgium and explore their works between Plaza del Mercado & Calle Hipodromo (parada 20)  and Calle del Parque (parada 24).  Works will be on Ave. Ponce de Leon, Ave. Fernandez Juncos,  Calle Antonsanti (behind Ciudadela) and several smaller side streets and empty lots. Although not listed, it looks like the wall next to the Museum of Contemporary Art will also have a mural at stop 18.

Full Information is available only on Smartphones: www.losmuroshablan.com

Parada 23 – 1510 Ave. Ponce de Leon
787-998-5130   :::::   787-998-5132 

Website: www.librosAC.com

Libros AC, the new Bookstore, Bar & Bistro had its grand opening tonight. Located just across the street from Ciudadela, this is a great addition to the neighborhood.

Parada 22 – Ponce de Leon (across from Fine Arts Center)

Latest incarnation of the old Teatro Puerto Rico.

Special guest artists and great DJs should make this the place to be!

Parada 15 – 808 Ave Ponce de Leon


There is a new restaurant at the Colegio de Abogados building – 808 Ponce de Leon Ave.

Featuring Puerto Rican cuisine at popular prices. Parking Available.

Name Change at Parada 22

They haven’t even opened and our new Indian restaurant has had a name change from BOMBAY to MUMBAI. Is this clever marketing to get people to do a ‘double-take’ – or are they just being politically correct? See for yourself on Ave. De Diego between Ponce de Leon and the Museum of Art.

New Indian Restaurant at Parada 22

The sign just went up with the name of the newest entry on Santurce’s ‘restaurant row’ along Ave De Diego between the Fine Arts Center and Puerto Rico Museum of Art.  We’ll announce opening dates as soon as info in available! 

New Club at Parada 20 

Nightlife continues to move into the area between Plaza del Mercado and Centro de Bellas Artes with the opening of La Hoja eco-bar.  

 Promoting organic wines, natural juices and use of recyclables – it will be interesting to see if the club crowd embraces this as a new wave or just the latest marketing twist…  Friends who have visited report good music, great appetizers and reasonable prices!

El Nuevo Dia – La Hoja: Una barrita eco amigable

New Dance Club at Parada 22

The former Teatro Puerto Rico (across from Centro de Bellas Artes) on Ave Ponce de Leon has a new name!  

This theater has gone through several reincarnations as Asylum, El Teatro, Liquid, Red, and a temporary home for a sex expo that was evicted from the convention center.

Now it looks like it is ready to reopen as ‘Levels’.  This is interesting, since the former Metropolitan Theater on Ponce de Leon and Calle Saldaña converted to a disco called ‘Levels’ after then theater stopped showing films in the mid-1980’s.

Not sure what type of club or target audience they are planning, but will post info when we find out….

Planned San Andrés Gastronomic Center
between Parada 22 and ‘Downtown Condado’

They have finally announced a location for the proposed MERCADO SAN ANDRÉS gastronomic center in Santurce.

It will be at the corner of De Diego Avenue and Calle Antonsanti in the large empty lot where the ‘Altos de Cangrejos’ neighborhood used to be (next to the Puerto Rico Museum of Art and across from the backside of Ciudadela).  

This will be a public/private partnership with the company that manages Plaza San Miguel and Mercado San Anton in Madrid.  

Just back from Madrid where I went to both markets, so I hope this is as big a success as they have achieved in Madrid!

Plans to take abandoned buildings between Parada 25 and 26

Signs went up last night with public notice that several abandoned buildings between Calle Mayol (Plaza Inmaculada) and Tren Urbano are in the process of being expropriated due to ‘estorbo publico’ or public nuisance.

These include the former National Paper building (shown above had been slated as a major luxury condo before the real estate bust) and the former Hospital San Carlos (which had been slated as a branch of Hospital San Pablo) between Ponce de Leon and Fernandez Juncos.

Anyone know what is planned?

Showcase of Arts District Plans at Parada 25

Wednesday night’s opening ceremonies at the new Tren Liviano (light rail system) offices and public displays at Stop 25 on Ponce de Leon and Calle San Jorge.

The office is just across the street from Hotel San Jorge and the new executive offices of the Salvation Army.

The exhibits are open to the public during weekday business hours with plans for future development, a working scale model train that shows the route in Old San Juan, interactive displays and computer games for kids.

New Bookstore, Bar and Bistro at Parada 23

Just across the street from Blanche Kellogg Plaza, the new Bookstore, Bar and Bistro is nearing completion at 1510 Ave. Ponce de Leon. Check their progress of friend them on their Facebook page – Libros AC.

Selectos opens ‘Urban Market’ in Ciudadela at Parada 23.

Walk through Blanche Kellogg Plaza past Planet Fitness or by car through Calle Antonsanti (near museum and Bistro de Paris).  Check out their unique trolly system for getting your packages from the store down to the parking level!

Mauro Productions moves to Parada 25

Mauro Productions, which has been located at the Masonic Temple on Ponce de Leon has announced a new home base.

The new facility will be their own building one block away at 1761 Fernandez Juncos Ave (corner of Calle Cataluña).

Although not as grand as their former space, its sure to have better facilities and a great addition to this underused section of Parada 25.  

For more information, see their website at www.mauroinc.webs.com

Condado Restaurant moves to Parada 20
San Juan’s favorite pan-Asian restaurant has found a new home at the corner of Fernandez Juncos and Calle Hipodromo.
Easy to reach by bus: M3, M2, T5, M21, B16 (stop across from Central High School and walk one block on Calle Hipodromo), or  Fernandez Juncos buses T9, M2, M21 with a stop just across the street.  Parking is also available. 

Salvation Army @ Parada 25
Improvements are happening fast at Stop 25.
The new headquarters and community center for the Salvation Army will be inaugurated on September 1st with a march from their existing headquarters in Puerto Nuevo to the new location. This is located just across the street from the Hotel San Jorge and the soon-to-open headquarters of the Tren Liviano.


Unknown Artists at Parada 24
Does anyone know the graffiti artist that did this mural at Stop 24 just behind Godfather II Restaurant on Calle Santa Ana y Bolivar?  Its been painted over – but we would love to give credit to the artist since this is one of our favorites. If you know this artist or any of the other artists featured here, please let me know.


New Headquarters at Parada 25
Looks like they are completing work on the new headquarters of the Tren Liviano (light rail system) at Parada 25 next to the Hotel San Jorge. Although the actual train will run on Fernandez Juncos Avenue, this office should have information, displays and hopefully an actual passenger section on display.

Street Art near Parada 26
Fernandez Juncos Avenue near Calle Pedro de Castro 

Street Art near Parada 26
Calle Pedro de Castro near Fernandez Juncos Avenue 

Crab without legs at Parada 23
Although the ‘cangrejo’ or crab is the official symbol of Santurce, these sculptures along Ponce de Leon haven’t gotten much respect. Originally they had feet, which were easy to trip over (but putting bad design aside) – almost all have been stolen and assumed to be in some recycle foundry by now. Wouldn’t it be nice if the neighbors (like Banco Popular, Teatro Arriví and Centro Europa) got together and helped put them back together?

Filming at Stop 24
No – its not really a new ‘New York Style Deli’ at parade 24 – but about six months ago when the film crew converted Gosén Supermarket for a Boar’s Head deli meat commercial.  You can see the TV ads on many cable stations for their Boar’s Head International Deli Meats.  Now that Gosén is closing, it would be a great idea for a real business in this space.

Street Art near Parada 26
Fernandez Juncos near Calle Rosario 

Street Art near Parada 26
Calle Pedro de Castro between Fernandez Juncos and Ponce de Leon. 

Supermarket Closes at Parada 24
After several years as the only supermarket in the area, Gosén Supermarket is closing next week in anticipation of the new Selectos market in Ciudadela.  Scene of many film shoots – most recently you can see it as ‘Joe’s Deli’ in the national commercial for Boar’s Head ethnic cold cuts.


Street Art near Parada 23

Tribute to Miles Davis.
Ponce de Leon across from Cobians Plaza. 

Mosaics at Parada 25
La Casona Restaurant is adding mosaics to their wall at Stop 25 on Fernandez Juncos Avenue – one block from Coro de Niños and Hotel San Jorge, stop by and check out the progress.
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Condado at Parada 18?  Wrong!
Someone should let the bus shelter advertisers know which side of the highway they’re on… These posters have been around for quite a while promoting Ponce de Leon as part of Condado! Where are the ‘Bienvenidos a Santurce’ signs? 

Street Art near Parada 24
Either you love it or hate it…
Ponce de Leon across the street from Abracadabra “Counter-Café”.

Street Art at Parada 23
This art installation just showed up on March 23, 2012.
Ponce de Leon across from Cobians Plaza.