Welcome to Santurce!

San Juan’s Arts & Culture District

Update – December 2016:  Its been a few years since our protoype was launched and the response has been fantastic! Even without updated information, we have top search engine placement and are getting up to 150 visitors per day.

Caribbean Consulting will update this site in early 2017 with a state-of-the-art directory system that will integrate maps and allow business owners and arts venues to claim and update their own listings as well as fully integrate with social media.

SenateCaribbeanConsulting-lgWe’ve been invited to submit comments on the proposed Senate bill to officially designate the Santurce Theater District and invited to attend the public hearing at the Museum of Contemporary Art on March 9, 2016 at 10am.
Click here for a copy of our comments.

As many of you know, there have been lots of changes in the Santurce Arts District that are not reflected in the site.  We’ve removed several businesses that have left the neighborhood, but we are still looking for resources to allow us to update all the new businesses in the Arts District.  We also need to revise the neighborhood maps so that they reflect standard north/south orientation.

If you have a business that you would like to see featured on our site, please contact Caribbean Consulting to discuss advertising or sponsorship opportunities.

Until then, we will try to update as we find volunteers or resources.

Thanks for your support and patience as we improve our site!


Visitors to San Juan are usually focused on the UNESCO World Heritage wonders of Old San Juan, Caribbean Cruises, Condado & Isla Verde Beach Resorts or the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

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While these are all wonderful attractions – San Juan has an amazing ‘local’ neighborhood, just a few minutes from the major tourism areas.

The Santurce Arts District is located just across the Condado Lagoon and ‘on the other side of the highway’ from the Condado Beach Resorts.  Located along Ponce de Leon Avenue from the lagoon to the new Convention Center – our  ‘Avenue of the Arts’ has the highest concentration of Theaters, Museums, Nightlife, Galleries, Restaurants and Street Art in the Caribbean!

The arts district starts at ‘Stop 12’ in Miramar and continues for approximately 4 miles with the largest concentration of arts, culture, nightlife and entertainment in the Caribbean!

Starting near the Puerto Rico Convention Center and Condado Lagoon, the route is easy to explore with the M3 Metrobus that runs all the way to the Tren Urbano for just 50 cents each ride (exact change required).  To continue to the Trocadero/Coliseum you can change to the Tren Urbano’s Sagrado Corazon Station for one stop to the Hato Rey Station for an additional 75 cents each way (purchase a fare card at the vending machine).

The site is easy to explore ‘stop by stop’ from the PARADAS menu with easy ‘getting here’ instructions for each stop.

Start to experience San Juan like a local – its easy to discover Santurce from anywhere in San Juan!